The 4 C’s


Colour: While diamonds come in all rainbow colours, subtle amounts of yellow or brown in the body of a diamond can significantly affect the price. Our selection of diamonds includes rare, absolutely colourless diamonds as well as near colourless stones.


Clarity: Flawless diamonds are very rare. The clarity grade is the degree to which the diamond is free of inclusions and blemishes. Trained professionals in our factory evaluate our diamond’s clarity characteristics under 10x magnification to accurately assess the purity and value of each diamond and ensure it’s quality meets Point Gem’s high standards.

Carat Weight

Carat Weight: The industry standard unit of weight for diamonds is expressed in carats. Since larger diamonds are rare in nature, as a diamond gets larger, the price per carat increases. From tiny diamonds set in the sides of rings to large centre diamonds, our professionally hand cut diamonds are simply brilliant.


Cut: One of the most important aspects of a diamond is the perfection of the cut, something which Point Gem’s pays the utmost attention.

For generations, all of Point Gem’s diamonds have been cut by master craftsmen so as to achieve the greatest brilliance, fire and overall beauty.